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Weight Loss Today by Dr. Margaret Gaglione


"Change is inevitable,
growth is intentional”

-Helen Keller

Moving someone from inaction to action is a challenging task. We can all list the stages of contemplation to describe where a patient is, but motivating a patient from passivity to activity takes skill and time.

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Many of us are frequently frustrated by the passivity we see in our patients and their lack of ownership of their own health and nutrition. We may become overwhelmed by the sheer number of drugs we are using to keep their glucose near normal and blood pressure and lipids down, as they continue to get worse despite our best efforts.

We have all been asked: “Can’t you give me a pill or do a surgery that will make this better?”

To become a better motivator, we each need to assess our own biases. Do you honestly think change is possible? Do you honestly think growth is possible?

Growth only happens when individuals make conscious, deliberate decisions. Growth only happens when individuals make their goal a priority and let go of their other desires. To succeed in any task, priorities need to be set, many temptations need to be avoided, and repetitive conditioning needs to occur. To become a master, one needs to grow through the stages of novice, proficiency, and expert. Such growth takes time, effort, determination, practice, practice, and more practice.

Growth is not mindless. Individual growth is not done by someone else, nor is it done by a magic pill.

Obesity is a behavioral and physiological disease. It occurs because of an excess intake of calories. To be successful in weight loss takes intense intervention and continued practice; the same variables that are needed for success in any endeavor. For an individual to succeed they have to:

1) Commit to the goal

2) Commit to learning new behaviors

3) Commit to the goal no matter what the circumstance

4) Work hard and sacrifice

Writers, amateur sportsmen, musicians, physicians, good parents, good spouses, even good drivers don’t just magically happen. They happen because of intense education and repetitive practicing of the positive behaviors that have fostered their successful development.

Successful weight loss is possible. Change is possible but it does not happen without an intense, aggressive program and a dedicated patient committed to being healthy and not waiting for it to magically happen.

If you have a patient who is ready to commit to their health, Tidewater Bariatrics will provide the instruction and the mentorship for their success. We promise you that we will deliver an intense, challenging curriculum with medical supervision that will guarantee success for patients who have made the commitment to themselves.

Dr. Gaglione is the medical director of Tidewater Bariatrics in Chesapeake. She is a board certified Internal Medicine physician and a Bariatric specialist.

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