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Letter from the Chairman by John May


Our temptation to throw up our hands in utter frustration over a 2,000+ page document that Congress voted on sight unseen is understandable. But Romney is saying he will throw out the current legislation, some of which has great value, in a period where Congress is functionally disabled.

So, are we throwing out the baby with the bath water?

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If any group of educated people has a right to pick apart a health plan, it should be those of us in the healthcare profession.

How long have we realized our healthcare problems aren't going away? How long have we called to deaf ears for tort reform? How long have our least affluent patients suffered?

There are parts of this bill that are lifesavers. Lifesavers.

Can we toss out the features we most want, the general population most wants, the poor are desperate for and that could take how long to come around again? I don't think so. Do you?

Can we come together in a consensus of thinking, functioning health professionals and espouse a sane plan that keeps the most desirable changes to come along in healthcare management in any of our lifetimes while sifting out what does not make sense?

The status quo cannot continue, so it would be wise to forget politics on this one and make the effort to understand the arguments.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

If not... what then?

Along with a career in innovative technology, John was a Trustee in the Johns Hopkins Health System for 15 years and earned a master's degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. This combination of experience and education allows a broad perspective on healthcare, software and how the transfer of software platforms between industries have had a transformational impact. He believes the healthcare industry can, and should, be next.

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