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How difficult is it?

   Over the last year or so some prospective clients have voiced concerns about their abilities to update their own websites using a content management system.  They are afraid that it will be too time consuming and difficult, especially for those who are not tech savvy.

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    This is a complete reversal from 10 to 15 years ago when clients didn't want to have to depend on a web designer every time they wanted some text, a photo, or a special offer changed on their site.

    This is why we created our WebUpdate system, which has been used with ease for almost 15 years by our clients far and wide, regardless of their technical abilities.  We have had clients ranging from barely able to turn on a computer to being a total techy, and all of them use our WebUpdate system with complete confidence.

    Most of them are beyond surprised at how easy it is to use. Our WebUpdate system really is as simple as copy, paste, and upload to add or change content.  Practice administrators love the control they have, and they don't have to wait, or pay, to have changes made. 

Our WebUpdate system really is as simple as
copy, paste, and uploadto add or change content. 
Practice administrators love the control they have,
and they don't have to wait, or pay, to have changes made.

    Practice administrators today are concerned about updating their own sites because they think it will be too complicated.  This is notably the case with people who are currently using WordPress or similar programs to manage their site. Because WordPress was created to be everything to everyone, it can contain features which the practice will never use.  This leads to a much more confusing interface.

    However, our WebUpdate sites are custom created for each practice, and when the site goes live, it only contains the features needed by that practice. 

    This lack of bloat makes the site control panel much simpler and more intuitive to use.  Our clients literally make changes, additions or corrections to their sites in seconds from anywhere.

    This update ability is a great time saver, especially for a fast changing practice; rather than having to call or send an email requesting a change, the administrator can just log in and make the change.

    Another advantage to our WebUpdate system is that administrators can see their visitor traffic, including where visitors came from, who came from a search engine, and even which search words they used.  They can also keep an eye on the performance of their own keywords, and even compare their keywords to those on competitor sites.  Having this information really puts full control in their hands.

    If you have concerns with your web presence reaching your widest patient base, now is the time to look into our WebUpdate system sites.  Not open source, they make use of advanced SEO, social, and responsive features to give your business the best competitive edge online.

Terry Young is the founder and CEO of Internet Marketing and Design, the award winning web and multimedia design agency in Chesapeake.

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